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Society is now putting greater pressure on women to be perfect mothers yet removing the support structures we need for our families.  We are now expected to be back on our feet and fully functioning within days of giving birth instead of having that time to rest and recover.  This should be a time for nurturing and has been recognised around the world as important for a healthy family, but it is slowly dissapearing.

As a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and qualified Postnatal Doula, I support mothers and their families to feel confident about the care of their children and of themselves.  I help parents get the continuity of care they deserve while empowering them to make educated choices for their families as they rest and recover.
Are you worried about how you will cope after baby is born?  Would you like to be part of community that supports you on your parenting journey? 
Research shows that women who have trained support from others during their postnatal period experience less postnatal depression, have a higher rate of breastfeeding and more support from their partners leading to greater family stability.

I'd like to help you achieve this during this special time for you and your baby that can never be repeated.  I'd like to give you helpful suggestions for pregnancy, birth and your babymoon even if I can't be there to support you in person.  I want to help create the village that you need to raise your child.
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